APC Back-UPS Pro 650VA UPS Battery (BP650S)

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Product ID: APX-APX12120F2-ABX-59391
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    Double check the actual size of the batteries being replaced. UPS replacement battery packs contain replacement batteries only. You must reuse your existing cabling and hardware. APC model numbers are very similar so check the model number listed here with the barcode label on the back or bottom of your unit.This advanced Apex Sealed Lead Acid battery is superior to any other brand on the market and boasts the following features:
    • Made With Environmentally-Friendly Recycled Green Plastic
    • Extra Thick Plates Composed Of Pb-Ca-Cn Alloy
    • Tin Plated Copper Terminals For Better Conductivity
    • Designed And Manufactured To Outperform Competitor's Equivalent Models
    • Anti-Corrosion Electrolyte Ensures Longer life
    • Made With Environmentally Friendly Recycled Green Plastic

    APC Back-UPS Pro 650VA UPS Battery (BP650S) Spec Sheet

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    Batteries are made by many manufacturers and brands. Different brands often use the same manufacturer so while the battery may bear a different name, color or logo it is possibly the same materials and specifications.

    Other times a brand may change names, go out of business or stop producing batteries. The Experts at Apex Battery have sourced the best selection of batteries to offer our customers choices on quality, price and design. We only sell new factory fresh batteries and stand behind every battery we sell with both technical support and iron clad warranties.

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    Apex Battery, founded in 2004 is an online retailer, distributor and manufacturer of high quality battery and power solutions. Apex Battery offers a line of superior quality and low price Sealed Lead Acid replacements designed to exceed even OEM standards.

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