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Why are Apex Battery prices lower than the competition?

posted this on Sep 13, 2016

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Many people think that because our prices are so reasonable our batteries must be low quality. This couldn't be further from the truth.

The reason we began manufacturing batteries is because we at one time we only sold batteries, and were pretty good at it-- but we got tired of high prices and low quality. Defective batteries. High failure rates. Old stock. These issues related to batteries frustrated us and so we decided to do something about it ourselves. 

When we started the Apex brand of batteries we wanted to give customers the highest quality batteries at factory-direct prices. We teamed with the best engineers, designers and battery experts in the business and designed and manufactured our own batteries to beat the competition and offer the consumer the best at a fair price. 


You might see a well-known brand name for 3-4X the price of our batteries and think for that price it must be better-- wrong. Our batteries have tested better than brands such as Yuasa, Enersys, Universal,  Duracell, Energizer and many more. If you want to pay for a well known brand name in a battery, go ahead, but theres no reason to. Many companies such as Google, Apple, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BYD, Linksys and many more use our batteries everyday because of our high quality and competitive pricing. Give us a try, you'll be a customer for life! 


We continue to innovate to this day. For example, please see our line of iGel powersports batteries with a built in tester, iGel technology and a new additional technology to bring an old battery back from the dead for additional runtime while waiting for a replacement!  


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